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MERGE created a custom enterprise platform to allow all dealers worldwide to easily access, produce and activate marketing materials in their local markets.



Custom Enterprise Platform


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Harley-Davidson (H-D) needed a better way for over 2,100 dealers worldwide to access, manage and activate corporate-approved marketing materials such as campaigns, promotional kits, print advertising, TV spots, video, radio, image libraries and more in-store and within their local markets.

MERGE architected, designed and built the Digital Marketing Engine (DME), an online “one-stop marketing shop”, with features including:

  • Customizable on-brand marketing materials for all H-D promotions and campaigns, including advertisements, imagery, video, TV and radio spots
  • Online ordering of materials via digital delivery or print-on-demand to help control dealership cost to activate, and to improve speed to market
  • Robust single sign-on security based on regions and dealer groups; integrated with H-D’s API, allowing automatic dealer region and group assignments
  • Tools for dealers to share ideas and strategies to maximize marketing success and brand awareness across dealerships in different markets

The DME’s custom content management system allows H-D admins to manage all site content in real-time and on-demand, cutting down significant turnaround time on launching new content via manual updates to the website.


Administration Efficiency

The DME supports bulk import tools, allowing administrators to quickly populate content areas, image libraries, campaign materials, email marketing lists and more.

Dealers have flexibility in how they interact with the system and build out their marketing materials. From leveraging ready to go web assets, print materials or TV/radio spots to easily customizing assets within the templates provided; dealers have the flexibility, speed and efficiency to make the changes for their dealership while H-D ensures that the materials remain consistent with the campaign and on-brand.


Customizable Assets

The DME provides dealers with access to customizable campaign creative, advertising, in-store and other marketing materials – that can be tailored to their specific store or local market needs by making guided, approved changes to certain imagery, headlines, text and more.


Enterprise-Grade Search

The DME allows expansive, fully-customized categorization of all digital assets. We’ve harnessed the power of the Solr™ enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene™ project. This means that not only can users find their desired assets from a number of categories, they can also search using ad-hoc text, quoted text, and Boolean operators.


Targeted Marketing Lists

Targeted Marketing Lists allow administrators to create custom mailing lists with unique fields for demographics, additional contact information, and buying preferences. The information for each contact is assigned to a specific dealer, ensuring a dealership has mailing list information for not only their target region, but their target buyers.


Marketing Kit System

Leveraging the MERGE Framework’s asset relationship system, DME administrators can build Marketing Kits. Marketing Kits allow a one-stop page for all resources and assets for a given event, promotion, or initiative to be bundled together with additional marketing copy and instructions.


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