Land O'Frost Premium
Integrated Advertising

MERGE Launched Land O'Frost Premium's first brand advertising in its 60-year history.


What We Did

Brand Strategy


Social Integration


Land O’Frost is the 3rd largest producer of lunchmeat. However, they’d never used brand advertising to support the brand before. In a commoditized category, standing out against larger brands like Oscar Mayer and Hillshire Farms required a campaign rooted in a unique consumer insight.

We started by learning about the life of a budget-conscious mom and her role in feeding her family. What we uncovered was this area we dubbed the “Mom Zone.” It’s that moment when she’s got it covered, but doesn’t sweat the small stuff. In the case of feeding her family, it’s that moment when she’s found healthy and affordable options that everyone loves.

Based on this brand strategy, MERGE created the integrated “Mom Zone” campaign to differentiate and connect with moms along the consumer journey.

The initial regional campaign launched in 2015, and our relationship with Land O’Frost continues to grow today. National advertising for the Premium brand begins in 2018, and we are excited to be involved in more product marketing in the year to come.



TV advertising focused on the wild side of life for moms, and how finding healthy and affordable foods can bring peace to their wild kingdom.

Social Integration

Moms have their own codes, their own secret life hacks, and they like to pass them along. So MERGE created a string of “Momisms” – short social videos focused on phrases moms can laugh at and share with friends.




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