MB Financial:
​Giving a Brand Meaning in a Parity Category

MERGE took MB Financial, which had great brand awareness but no real brand definition, and gave the brand meaning and relevance to commercial and retail banking prospects.





Retail Print Collateral



Out of Home


MB Financial, with over $20B in assets, is one of the 50 largest banks in the US with 91% Awareness in its home market of Chicago. But nobody truly knew the MB Brand, which limited its ability to be considered by commercial and retail prospects.

MERGE uncovered the insight that if you’re a business owner, nobody knows your business better than you. And MB understands that. Financial services advertising is loaded with false promises, but MERGE took a different approach. We demonstrated that “MB knows you know your business better than anybody” by truly talking the language of the business owner.

Factory :30 TV Spot

Two television spots focused on different types of businesses, driving home the insight that MB realizes business owners know their business best. MB is there to listen, learn and then support their commercial customers in reaching their potential. To date, MB brand consideration among business banking prospects is up 71% versus YA.

Nursery :15 TV Spot



Print advertising focused on very specific vertical industries and demonstrated how well MB understands how their target audience intimately knows their business like no one else can.

Digital Content

Business owners are so busy running their businesses, they never have time to learn about new ways to manage, grow and protect their businesses. So MERGE developed a comprehensive content program, powered by high-impact digital units, that engaged viewers for almost 20 seconds with over 24,000 visits.

Blackhawks Sponsorship TV

How do you drive relevancy for a bank with a smaller budget than its competitors? Partner with one of the most successful sports franchises in history. MERGE’s social campaign, MB Means Believe, celebrated the excitement of the upcoming Hawks season, with social videos that drove 740,000 impressions, 16,659 engagements and was the most successful social campaign in MB’s history. Shhh…we even received phone calls from competitive banks wanting to know how we did it.


We enlisted professional pancake artist, Dancake, and created video content that pushed the Blackhawks sponsorship in a totally creative way.


Internal Communications

A large part of helping MB define their brand also meant helping MB employees understand how they impacted perceptions on it. A fully-integrated campaign was develop to get MB employees excited about the campaign and how they fit into the MB Brand.

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